Ongoing emotional difficulties can create a lack of fulfillment in everyday life and stand in the way of achieving desired goals. Despite a desire to change, individuals can find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns of behavior, experiencing depression, anxiety and trouble dealing with feelings. Dr. Appelbaum works closely with each individual to both understand the origins of their difficulties and develop new ways of relating. While therapy is tailored to the needs of each person, some important aspects of therapy that contribute to change include:

  • A supportive relationship combined with the ability to confront difficulties
  • Working collaboratively to overcome problems
  • Achieving new insights
  • Greater awareness and ability to express feelings
  • Greater understanding of family dynamics
  • Learning new skills that one can apply in everyday life

Dr. Appelbaum has found that these approaches combined with the client's existing strengths and the therapist’s expertise can provide a path toward substantive change.

Therapy with Adolescents:

The Adolescent years can be a tumultuous time for teens and their families. The challenges that teens face can indeed be stressful to navigate. When difficulties arise for the first time, or if longstanding concerns become more prominent, professional consultation should be considered. The goal is to determine whether therapy can help your child move forward in their development. Some of the issues that typically lead adolescents and their families to enter therapy include:

  • Excessive conflict in the home
  • Depression and low self-esteem
  • Poor academic performance
  • Difficulties Fitting in Socially
  • Divorce
  • Trouble focusing academically
  • Issues related to adoption
  • Stress related to the college admission process
  • Feelings of social isolation/ trouble getting along with peers
  • Concerns about drug/alcohol use

When working with adolescents, Dr. Appelbaum obtains a comprehensive understanding of the individual in their home, school and social environments. He helps the adolescent to both see their own unique areas of strength and become more aware of areas in need of change.

The world of the adolescent can seem puzzling to many adults. Having worked extensively with adolescents, Dr. Appelbaum focuses on forging an alliance with the teen and appreciating their view of the world, while working toward enlarging their perspective and developing strategies for more flexible behaviors.

Feedback from parents is essential toward ensuring that the adolescent is making progress toward desired goals. Through regular individual meetings with the child and intermittent sessions with the parents, Dr. Appelbaum works to keep the lines of communication open within the family, while respecting the adolescent's privacy. This creates an environment that allows the teen to speak openly in therapy.

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